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about us

Bridgekash International Pvt. Ltd. specializes in enhancing the online presence for all growing ,small and mid-size businesses through robust digital initiatives like Websites, Applications, IT and Marketing.

Our Solutions are Customized and Cost Effective, Delivered in no time.

our plans

Single Page Website

One Page Informative

₹ 7,500/-

₹ 5,000/-

(Excluding GST)
Basic Website Pack

Website upto 10 Pages

₹ 18,000/-

₹ 9,990/-

(Excluding GST)
Digital Starter Pack

Website upto 25 Pages

₹ 35,000/-

₹ 15,990/-

(Excluding GST)
E-Commerce Starter Pack

Unlimited Pages

Website upto 5000 SKU's

₹ 64,990/-

₹ 45,990/-

(Excluding GST)
Business Booster Pack

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited SKU's

₹ 90,000/-

₹ 64,990/-

(Excluding GST)
All-in-one Pack

Website + Mobile App (Android and iOS Compatible)

Unlimited SKU's and tracking

₹ 200,000/-

₹ 1,29,990/-

(Excluding GST)
Multi-Vendor Pack

Multi Vendor Website + Mobile App (Android and iOS Compatible)

Vendor/Rider Management + Mobile App (Android and iOS Compatible)

Unlimited SKU's and Tracking

₹ 350,000/-

₹ 249,990/-

(Excluding GST)

what you get?

Take your business to a new level. Create a digital platform NOW!

brand marketing

Give your customers a unique digital shopping experience with instant connect to your brand.

brand marketing

custom designs

Customise your website with best user journey-oriented designs that reflect your business requirements and give seamless user experience.

custom designs

world class development

With robust and secure solutions, win the trust of your customers.

world class development

cost effective

Make the best sales platform for your business in the most affordable way with 24/7 support.

cost effective


What kind of websites do you design?

We design customized websites that cater to your business requirements. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your business goals and needs and build your website that will give your customers a seamless user experience.

Ask our experts! Any questions on our balanced meal plan, pricing or delivery schedule, drop us a message or give us a call!

How It Works

Once you buy the plan and complete the Payment process, you will receive a login to a portal where you will be requested to fill up a short questionnaire form requesting for following details:

Step 1: Provide contact details along with the nature of business/industry applicable.

Step 2: Upload the company’s logo.

Step 3: Select 5 website sections from the given list.

You need to select the type of website:

Step 4: Provide details of your existing domain (.com) and hosting (space to host the site).

Step 5: Provide text content, images, and documents to be uploaded on the website

What can I expect from yout maintenance service?

We value the curiosity of our esteemed clients and are therefore always ready to assist you in every possible way.

● You can reach us through Email or WhatsApp chat for support during
the 72 hours.

Are Bridgekash websites SEO-friendly?

Very much! The websites we build have a unique architecture that makes them super SEO-friendly, so your sites receive a high rank in the search results of renowned search engines like Google and Bing.

Can I get personalized email addresses at my domain name?

Yes, you can! We realize that a personalized email address @ your domain name ( can boost your reputation and professionalism instantly. That’s why we include custom email addresses in premium plans.

Is Web Hosting included in the Basic Website development plan?

Other than the Website Design and Development, availing following services will be an additional cost.

● Domain (Mandatory, can use already existing asset)

● Web Hosting (Mandatory, can use already existing asset)

● SSL Certificate (Mandatory, have to buy through our GoDaddy Reseller)

● Plugins for any added functionality (Optional, or as per client requirements)

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